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18 Feb / The world as it is

My clients often ask me how I got into this business. I answer very candidly that it is as much about me as it is about them. I gain a significant degree of satisfaction from helping people, however, my motives are not completely selfless for two reasons: 1) I charge people money and 2) what I do extends my own understanding of the nature of the personality. Thus, I gain two-fold as a result of what I do for people, or try to do. So one of the principal reasons I entered coaching was to figure out myself as much as others. Understandably, it’s important to accept the degree that “selfishness” enters one’s personal equation. In fact, truly selfless acts are far and few between, but they do exist. One thought experiment threw light onto this scenario. A truly selfless act would consist of someone doing the right at thing at the expense of damaging themselves or their reputation. I suppose acts of valor during war would roughly accord with what I am aspiring to articulate.

Ultimately, what we ought to seek is to experience the world the way it is rather than how we are regardless of how difficult task this purports to be. That is one of the aims of Jung’s psychology, which can only be accomplished through continuous self-reflection and attempting to come to terms with one’s own provisional nature. The ego, as I mentioned in a previous blog, is a transitory phenomenon, as much as the wind and the grass. Our time is limited and happiness eludes us most of the time. It’s not until one puts their life in a certain psychological perspective that the individual can truly distinguish between the transitory phantoms of the heart and the first principles, which are latent in each person. People need to believe. People need to search for themselves, perchance to realize that the treasure hard to gain is not that far away.

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