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17 Aug / The Great American Eclipse of 2017

On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will blaze a diagonal path across the United States starting from Oregon to South Carolina. A total solar eclipse is an event of unparalleled wonder and beauty as the Moon completely blocks out the Sun and the day temporarily turns to night as the Sun’s corona shimmers in the darkened sky overhead. As of the moment I write this blog—5:00 P.M. PST, August 17, 2017—I have recently arrived to Oregon from Northern California to prepare for the eclipse. From what I have read, a total solar eclipse is unlike any natural occurrence one has ever seen in his/her life. As totality approaches, one glimpses the amazing sight of day turning to night and the Sun’s corona dancing like wildfire in the sky. This will be truly a great American eclipse because totality will sweep the nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Nearly every person in the United States will have proximal access to this eclipse and can reach the line of totality within a day’s drive. An eclipse is a cosmic billiard shot — the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up to reveal the Sun’s atmosphere, its corona. Eclipses on Earth occur only because of an amazing celestial coincidence. Nonetheless, as the eclipse approaches, I look forward to experiencing this once in a life time event with awe and anticipation.

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