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06 Jan / The 2018 Dream

It’s really hard to believe that it’s already 2018. I was born in the 1970s and 2018 still seems like a long time away even though it is now here. The more I reflect on time and numbers, the more I recognize the provisional nature of time, which, when seriously examined is reduced to nothing more than a psychic construct or what Immanuel Kant would call an a priori category. Carl Jung (1952) also recognized this feature having observed:

But if space and time are only apparently properties of bodies in motion and are created by the intellectual needs of the observer, then their relativization by psychic conditions is no longer a matter for astonishment but is brought within the bounds of possibility. (para. 840)

As I navigate my forties, I acknowledge that time will gradually go by faster and accelerate until before I know it, I will be either very old or dead. In optimistic terms, I attempt to articulate these factors to my clients in a way that emphasizes how important it is to “seize the day” and live one’s life to the fullest. For many, this contention would be considered axiomatic. I believe that people need to visualize their life on the best of terms, and it is helpful to look at time as a discrete and limited resource that needs to be well managed. I alluded to this idea in a previous blog, that I would encourage the reader to go back to and read again. In summary, it’s important to acknowledge that a year is only a number, and should view the concept of time accordingly. Enjoy the rid because the 2018 Dream will soon become 2019.


Jung, C.G. (1952). Synchronicity: An acausal connecting principle. In R.F.C Hull (Trans.), The collected works of C.G. Jung. (Vol. 8). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
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