The Depth Coach | Team Introduction
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Team Introduction


Nephtali Lopez, MS


ne cannot underestimate the importance of sound organizational management in a company’s business and day to day to operations. DeNovus Insights provides effective and sustainable solutions to both small and large companies. Our depth coaching team prides itself on assisting organizations in the following areas: corporate culture, process management, talent management (with an emphasis on typology), leadership, innovation, business strategies, public engagement, and communication. Organizational effectiveness requires that we take on a more holistic view. Effectiveness can best be assessed through a depth modality which assesses the organization’s deep culture.


e approach organizational management through four distinct areas that when properly understood, can optimize organizational effectiveness: 1) Communication – Sound management practices are chiefly achieved by clearly and concisely communicating to the staff and the clients so that everyone has a shared understanding of the organization’s mission and objectives; 2) Leading by Example – The best way to forge a healthy organizational culture is when there is a mutual respect between the leaders and the led and the consultant and the client. Respect should always be a core principle; 3) Setting and expecting realistic goals – Establishing realistic and sustainable goals is essential in boosting the overall morale of the organization which in turn strengthens the organizational culture; and 4) Strategic Planning – Strategic planning is essential at setting long-term goals that are tied to realistic and measurable measures of performance and effectiveness.

About Nephtali

“Sound organizational management could be summed up at the art of communicating a bold vision in a way that naturally motivates people to realize that vision through their own work.”

NEPHTALI LOPEZ is a consummate professional who has committed his life to the serving others. Not long after graduating high school, Nephtali decided to join the Army as a way to serve his country and others. After completing Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at Fresno State University, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the California Army National Guard. While serving as a part-time Army officer, Nephtali has sought to improve the organizational integrity of multiple units and organizations. He has extensive experience in organizational management, leadership, team-building, and strategic planning. Prior to becoming a member of the DeNovus Insights team, Nephtali served in Kosovo as an intelligence officer.

Key Qualifications

  • Nearly 10 years of organizational management and coaching experience

  • Strategic Planning
  • Bi-Lingual (Spanish)
  • Extensive Leadership Experience

Formative Experiences

  • Multiple Overseas Deployments and Tours

  • Operations and Plans Officer
  • Training Officer
  • Extensive Consulting Experience

Education & Certifications

  • BS, Criminology/L.E., Fresno State University, 2007

  • MS, Organizational Management, Sacramento State University, 2013