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         The Eight-Function Model (aka Eight-Function Eight-Archetype Model) is a depth typological system originally devised by Jungian analyst John Beebe (Figure 1). The model is predicated on eight archetypal principles that correlate to the eight function-attitudes described in C.G. Jung’s book Psychological Types. Beebe suggests that each of the four…

People throw around the term ego all the time. The word is often associated with selfishness or overconfidence. An egotistic person, for instance, is considered brash, pompous, and overly boastful. We have all heard the cliché: “Your ego is writing is writing checks that your body cannot cash”. So the term,…

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06 Jan / Typology 101

One of the most practical contributions of C.G. Jung’s psychology is his typological system.  Jung introduced his theory of types in 1921 with his publication Psychological Types. Typology is a theory rooted in empirical observation, nonetheless, it is still merely a theory and should be approached accordingly. Jung himself was…

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