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26 Nov / Rediscovering your Life

Your life is now It’s time to rediscover your life. Take a deep breath and reflect. Look within yourself and ask yourself: 1) Am I happy, 2) Am I where I want to be in life? 3) What can I realistically do to accomplish the goals I have set? From there, you set out on your journey, not blindly, but equipped with the right resources you need to reach your destination. Often these things are not tangible but come to us as insights. To reach a place, we need to first look up its location, research it, and figure out where it on a map. Moreover, one needs to know how to read the legend of the map. This arguable is the most important part. Depth psychology in the vein of Carl Jung helps one do this. I cannot overemphasize this enough. That is why I highly encourage anyone to explore his work and ideas.

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