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Kiley Laughlin, PhD

Executive Depth Coach/President

The only things that have ever really changed our world are ideas; and as an idea, depth coaching seeks to transform the whole person through personal integration and by approaching one’s life in a purposeful context. READ MORE.

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Nephtali Lopez

Associate Depth Coach/Organizational Consultant

One cannot underestimate the importance of sound organizational management in a company’s business and day to day to operations. DeNovus Insights provides effective and sustainable solutions to both small and large companies. READ MORE.


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Aaron Butterfield

Associate Depth Coach/Leadership Consultant

Here at DeNovus Insights we pride ourselves on delivering quality service to our clients and customers. What is unique about our depth coaching approach is that we avoid go to great lengths to avoid thinking traps . . . READ MORE.


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Skyler Madison Fontana, PhD

Associate Depth Coach/Creativity Consultant

We are all born creative. Somewhere along the way, we grow up and lose our most valuable asset—how to tap into the Imagination. Each of us possess the key to the kingdom, we just don’t realize that the treasure hard to attain is within our reach. READ MORE.


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Justin Yi

Associate Depth Coach

Depth coaching 101: Don’t let obstacles, real or imagined, get in the way of your life’s path. With the right perspective you can transform those figurative road blocks into the building blocks that can guarantee you safe passage to happiness and greater personal satisfaction. READ MORE.

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Audie Whitt

IT Support/Media Manager

DeNovus Insights recognizes that in our field, attitude is everything. We stand by our clients and commit to deliver results: no excuses, just solutions. Our customer advocacy is etched deeply into our company’s principles and values. We also foster a business climate of reciprocation, which promotes team work and the implementation of best business practices. READ MORE.