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18 Jul / Inside my Mind

Inside my mind there lies a place where space and time stand still,
Where the truth becomes a yarn of lies and myths are forever real,
Where inherent facts abide and magic resides in everlasting zeal,
The past shall always be within my memories,
Unlocking an abstract facet of reality.
Where youth is undying and life an ageless chance,
And time is teeming sand in an hourglass,

The brilliant stars shine from afar,
Igniting fires deep within the heart,
Burning strong and ever so free,
Blazing a path that leads from you to me,

Goodbyes come and go, and the soft cool winds of our world slowly blow,

This is our place, our garden, our hope, the peace that we long for,
Where forgotten faces of yesterday day are vivid and known,
Sculpted into our souls,

And within the peripheries of this vision we can see and define our outlying goal,
It starts and ends with one word alone,
and yes, that magical place is our Home.

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