The Depth Coach | Eight Things you can easily do to get results
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31 Mar / Eight Things you can easily do to get results

  • Be here now
  • It all starts with self-awareness: “I am here. This is now. This is my life. Accept the moment”

  • Identify opportunities in setbacks
  • Examine the situation. Consider what positive things can result from this setback, major or minor. You may have to dig deep or think out of the box, but there usually is something there worth exploring.

  • Put it into perspective
  • Perspective is how we view a situation or thing. Look at it from different angles. Note the details and consider what is its common denominator.

  • Pose questions to oneself (reflect)
  • Learn to question everything. Probing questions can help the mind explore and eventually penetrate the problem to its core. Try to be naturally inquisitive. It will help you put things into their appropriate context.

  • Implement an action plan
  • If one cannot put one’s thoughts and vision into action, they mean very little. Build an action plan from the bottom up. Although it sounds overly simplified, a good way to start is a “to-do” list.

  • Imagine how your life would be otherwise
  • Okay, not that you have realized that you are here now and this is your life, consider how things could be different in your life, see number seven.

  • How could things be worse?
  • Unless, a meteor will imminently strike the earth resulting in a major extinction event, things could always be worse. Think about the hundreds if not thousands of ways it could be worse.

  • Identify a system that works for you (We develop coaching plans that are individualized)
Consider number five above. Not only do you need to put your thoughts into action, you have to develop and use a system that works for you. Everyone’s different and each system of change will require different steps or considerations.

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