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24 Jul / Depth Typology and Interpersonal Relations

         It is worthwhile to discuss how an understanding of one’s typological preferences can enhance the quality of interpersonal relations— a relationship between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring, which is oft-characterized by some degree of personal rapport. Interpersonal awareness is highly important to social relationships and verbal and non-verbal communication in general. Relationships, after all, are nothing more than patterns of personal interaction. By grasping the differences and similarities between one’s typology and that of a spouse, friend, or peer, one can build a more intimate and endearing relationship, or at the very least develop a better understanding of that person.
         Personality type can illuminate the innate tendencies of an individual toward judging and perceiving, which present a way to mitigate interpersonal discord. Knowledge of personality type can also help resolve conflict. Conflicting functional orientations can drive a wedge between people, especially if they do not recognize their functional differences in the first place. Relationships thrive through a mutually supported understanding. I always make it a habit to try to exercise my inferior function (i.e., sensation) when I experience problems communicating with members of my family and friends. Over time I have come to the realization that when two different types come together, mutual conscious communication between the two parties, as well as a thoughtful consideration of type dynamics, can go a long way in both personal and professional spheres.

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