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The Persona: The Masks We Wear

19 Feb, by The Depth Coach in Life, Psychology, Uncategorized

Another key idea in Jung’s psychology is the persona. In Latin, the term refers to the mask of an actor, and Jung viewed this word as a descriptor apropos of his concept. After all, social conventions and cultural demands require that we all don a mask from time to time…

Anima and Animus: The Need to Relate

11 Feb, by The Depth Coach in Life, Psychology, Relationships

As discussed in a previous blog, an archetype is an organizer of the psychic experience and what it yields is a pattern of psychic functioning. Jung’s concepts of anima and animus (i.e., syzygy) are two of the most important and too often misunderstood archetypes in the Jungian lexicon. Thus, further…

Honoring the Psyche

29 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life, Psychology

  In 1937, C.G. Jung wrote that The psyche is the starting-point of all human experience, and all the knowledge we have gained eventually leads back to it. The psyche is the beginning and end of all cognition. It is not only the object of its science, but the subject…

The Unconscious According to Jung

22 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life, Psychology

What is the unconscious? What did Jung mean by the term and how does the idea fit into Analytical Psychology? The unconscious is another big idea in the Jungian lexicon, one of which literally and figuratively underpins the very foundation of not only Jung’s psychology, but arguably depth psychology as…

The Complex: Jung’s Royal Road to the Unconscious

17 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life, Psychology

C.G. Jung placed such value on the complex that his psychology was originally termed “complex psychology.” In fact, Jung preferred this name over the more frequently used analytical psychology. As mentioned in previous blogs, there are a few “big” ideas in Jung’s psychology and without exception the complex is one…

Archetypes: What are they?

13 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Psychology

        Archetypes are one of the key ideas in the Jungian lexicon. In fact, they are integral to most of the other big ideas (e.g., complexes, collective unconscious, dreams, etc.) in his psychology. However, they remain a concept that is ambiguous and ill-defined. When people ask me what archetypes are, I…

Typology 101

06 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life

One of the most practical contributions of C.G. Jung’s psychology is his typological system.  Jung introduced his theory of types in 1921 with his publication Psychological Types. Typology is a theory rooted in empirical observation, nonetheless, it is still merely a theory and should be approached accordingly. Jung himself was…

Manage your mind, manage your time

01 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life

Most people fail to realize that time, for the most part, is a relational variable. In other words, it really has little meaning beyond its relationship to objects, things, and people.  By viewing time as a psychological construct one ostensibly is in a better position to manage it, manipulate it, and…

Depth Coaching Introduction

16 Dec, by The Depth Coach in Business

       Hello everyone!  I just wanted to offer a few introductory remarks regarding what we are all about. The Depth Coach is really an idea as much as it is a thing. Many people may ask how a depth coach differs from any other kind of coach, life coach or otherwise, who clutters the…