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Active Imagination: The Interior Vision

28 Jun, by The Depth Coach in Design, Life, Psychology, Uncategorized

Active imagination is a technique or method devised by C.G. Jung, to engage, interpret, and integrate fantasy-images and other subliminal contents that arise from the unconscious. Jung originally referred to the method as spontaneous fantasy or non-directed thinking. Jung (1928) suggested that the method was “a question of releasing unconscious…

Synchronicity: C.G. Jung’s Spiritual Testament

31 May, by The Depth Coach in Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

Synchronicity is arguably one of C.G. Jung (1875-1961) (Figure 1) most original and most widely misunderstood concepts. One could say that the synchronicity hypothesis emerged as a result of Jung’s life-long interest in physics, dreams, and paranormal phenomena in general. Jung did not formally publish a work on synchronicity until…

The Symbol: Gateway to the Unconscious

26 Mar, by The Depth Coach in Life, Personal Development, Psychology, Uncategorized

In analytical psychology, the symbol plays an important role in the development of the personality. C.G. Jung (1921/1971) suggests that a symbol “is the best possible expression for something that cannot be expressed otherwise than by a more or less close analogy” (CW6, para. 93, n. 44). Elsewhere, Jung writes…

The Self: The Archetype of Wholeness

15 Mar, by The Depth Coach in Life, Personal Development, Psychology, Uncategorized

As discussed in a previous blog, the ego consists of the personal center of the psyche, however, C.G. Jung (Figure 1) conjectured the existence of another psychic center, a transpersonal one, which extends far beyond the ego’s sphere of influence. Jung called this transpersonal center the self, which not only…