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The Mandala: Jung’s Pattern of Wholeness

29 Apr, by The Depth Coach in Academia, Design, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

         Carl Jung (Figure 1) viewed the appearance of a mandala—a circular or squared symbol of wholeness—as highly beneficial to one’s own personal development. Mandalas can appear in a person’s dreams, visions, or fantasies, and as numinous symbols they tend to chart the course of one’s own individuation process. Mandala…

Practical Applications of Depth Coaching

30 Mar, by The Depth Coach in Life, Personal Development, Psychology, Uncategorized

         “How can depth coaching really—I mean really—help me?” Not infrequently is this the first question I hear from a client. In response to this question, I tell my clients depth coaching by itself cannot help them. I add, avoiding clichés, that what really makes a difference is finding a…

Mental Models

06 Feb, by The Depth Coach in Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology, Uncategorized

         The theory of a mental model was implicit in the work of the late nineteenth century American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (Figure 1). Put simply, mental models are psychological representations of real, hypothetical, or imaginary situations. Peirce suggested that reasoning itself is a process by which the individual examines…

Avoiding Thinking Traps

01 Jan, by The Depth Coach in Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology, Relationships, Uncategorized

         The long path toward happiness is rarely a linear path and understandably there are a number of obstacles that can adversely impact achieving one’s goal regardless of scope and size (Fig. 1). Thinking traps often present challenges to the way we make decisions and socially interact. In fact, thinking…

The Long Path Toward Happiness

31 Oct, by Audie Whitt in Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology, Relationships

         Clients frequently ask me “what is the secret to achieving happiness?” to which I respond matter-of-factly “there is no secret.” Happiness after all is a state of mind, and a state of mind is very difficult to measure. People do not achieve happiness but happiness happens to them. Happiness…

The Red Book: Liber Novus

23 Oct, by The Depth Coach in Academia, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

in Zurich, Switzerland, where he pioneered the word association experiment and coined the term complex. Jung collaborated with Sigmund Freud between 1906 and 1913. Theoretical differences gradually led to a professional rift between the two men, which culminated with Jung’s publication of Transformations and Symbols of the Libido in 1912….