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2019 Predictions

30 Dec, by The Depth Coach in Events, Media, Personal Development, Uncategorized

Every year is different, but I expect 2019 to be more of the same. The past, after all, is a good indicator of the future.  There are some things that are not hard to predict while there are others that require real imagination to discern the unpredictable and unknown. If…

From Chaos to Cosmos

23 Oct, by The Depth Coach in Academia, Events, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

Introduction In 1934, while discussing humankind’s innate drive to understand the anima and life itself, C. G. Jung suggested that the former and the latter “are meaningless in so far as they offer no interpretation. Yet they have a nature that can be interpreted, for in chaos there is a…

Jungian Psychology: A Brief Description

15 Sep, by The Depth Coach in Academia, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

“The integration of unconscious contents into consciousness, which is the main endeavour of analytical psychology, is just such an alteration of principle, in that it does away with the sovereignty of the subjective ego-consciousness and confronts it with unconscious collective contents.” – C. G. Jung       Analytical psychology, alternatively described…

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

30 Jun, by The Depth Coach in Events, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

        Over the last year, Jordan Peterson has seemingly taken the world by storm. His presence is nearly ubiquitous—television appearances, podcasts, and many hours of recorded Youtube videos. Jordan Peterson is everywhere. In January 2018, his second book, 12 Rules for Life was published. A longer and more technical book, Maps…

Memorial Day 2018

28 May, by The Depth Coach in Design, Events, Life, Media, Uncategorized

On behalf of our clients and employees, may you all find time to remember and honor those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice! We want to share our sincere appreciation and gratitude for every man and woman who has proudly served in our Armed Forces as well….

How Carl Jung Saved my Soul

28 Apr, by The Depth Coach in Academia, Life, Media, Personal Development, Psychology

     I have never considered myself a religious person but nonetheless believe in God, which I view in non-traditional terms. One could say that God is a symbol which represents the highest value, at least that is how I see it. My study of Carl Jung’s (Featured Image) psychology has helped…