The Depth Coach | 2015 February
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February 2015

People throw around the term ego all the time. The word is often associated with selfishness or overconfidence. An egotistic person, for instance, is considered brash, pompous, and overly boastful. We have all heard the cliché: “Your ego is writing is writing checks that your body cannot cash”. So the term,…

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Another key idea in Jung’s psychology is the persona. In Latin, the term refers to the mask of an actor, and Jung viewed this word as a descriptor apropos of his concept. After all, social conventions and cultural demands require that we all don a mask from time to time…

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As discussed in a previous blog, an archetype is an organizer of the psychic experience and what it yields is a pattern of psychic functioning. Jung’s concepts of anima and animus (i.e., syzygy) are two of the most important and too often misunderstood archetypes in the Jungian lexicon. Thus, further…

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